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On-site Inspections, on-site employee safety training  programs, built just for your business. We handle employee certification so you stay compliant with employees safety standards rules and regulations. 

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Your Safety Compliance Trainer
James Hernandez
Jim Hernandez, the Chief Safety Officer of Cal Safety Solution, is now a contracted instructor with multiple professional organizations in the Bay Area. He is proud to teach the next generation of health and safety instructors at Chabot/Las Positas College. He also trains Foreman, Management, and Lead People for the Communication Workers of America.
If you are interested in becoming a health and safety instructor, you will find no better program than those led by Jim. You will benefit from his years of expertise in this field. Contact us today to learn more about these programs.

New Regulations To ANSI A92.22
​We Have Your Compliance Training


new ANSI regulation A92.22 TRAININg
Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Anyone who has to work on an elevated platform, permanent or temporary, must have fall protection training and the proper equipment. We can help and provide both the training and the equipment required. All Fall Protection Training is provided at your location.

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Onsite Inspection 
Why your Business Needs One

We can provide a site survey for you, and only you!
We will tell you what is required for your business'
​safety program. 



At Cal Safety Solution, our goal is to keep your workplace safe and productive. By ensuring that all operators are properly trained, we help companies save money. With over 15 years working with teams throughout the country, we know how to provide the most excellent service for every safety training and certification in the industry.


We Provide High-Quality Training 

  Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

OUR Training complies with the new ANSI regulation A92.22


Do you or your employees operate a forklift?


One of the highest citations issued by OSHA

First Aid/CPR Training 

What would you do in a workplace if there were an accident?

Onsite Inspections

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Allow us to train your crew on hazmat awareness

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See Why Happy Clients Turn On Us For All Their Safety Training Needs.

Haley G

Jim came out to our business and certified us for the boom lift! He was very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. He made sure that we all understood the safety precautions and the mechanics of operating a boom lift.

Scarlet A.

We just had our CAL OSHA training with Jim and happy to say that everyone passed! Jim explained everything in a very easy to understand manner and provided a range of learning materials. 

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There's still time to "Take 3 in 30!"

Management leadership is a core element of a workplace safety and health program. 

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Accelerate your program and show your commitment in your workplace. Take 3 in 30!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take 3 actions in 30 days

There are lots of ways to accelerate your program!

Choose from our list or pick one of your own. Every workplace is different so select actions that work best for you.

  1. Share in your workplace

It is important for your employees to see your commitment to safety!

Show them that safety starts with you! List your three actions and share it on social media, in your company newsletter, or post it in the workplace.

  1. Accept your challenge coin

You did it! Download your virtual challenge coin for showing management leadership. Share it on social media, post it in your workplace, or put it in your email signature – display it proudly!


Do you have an overhead crane? Are you using lifting straps or safety harnesses? If so, then you must have them inspected with documentation. Lifting straps are required to be inspected and documented annually, and safety harnesses must be inspected and documented every six months. Save your company time and money while keeping every employee safe. We perform on-site inspection of all safety equipment. We require every workplace have at least two items for inspection during the inspection date. Cost is $75 per piece of equipment.

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HM-181 AND HM-215

Do you have drivers that transport chemicals? Are any of these chemicals considered hazardous materials? If any of the products that you are carrying come with a safety data sheet or an MSDS sheet, your drivers are required to be either HM-181 or HM-215 qualified, depending on the scope of their responsibilities. This is a requirement not only of OSHA, but the Department of Transportation as well as the California Highway Patrol. We offer this training at your location with an emphasis on the materials that you carry


As authorized members of OSHA’s Outreach Program, we offer on-site 10-hour and 30-hour OSHA Safety Certification. Certificates are issued directly from OSHA upon successful completion of training.

OSHA Fines Can Cost You Money 

Cal Safety Solution  can perform a onsite inspection looking for OSHA compliance issues that saves you thousands of dollars in down time and potential fines. 



Cal Safety Solution is your #1 choice for CPR training and certification in the Bay Area. Our instructors are certified by the American Red Cross to provide on-site training in first aid, CPR, and AED. This one-day course satisfies the requirements of both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association for basic first response. Don’t waste precious time waiting for medical assistance while you could provide potentially life-saving assistance yourself. Contact us today to schedule your training course.

Meet  - Rick Hamaker, CIH, CSP

40 years’ Experience Occupational Safety and Health

  • Federal OSHA Compliance Officer – Industrial Hygienist

  • Industrial safety – guided missile systems facility

  • Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health Consultant

  • Corporate Safety (IH) Manager Electric Utility

  • Currently an Authorized OSHA Instructor, General Industry & Construction

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We work with a lot of different clients in every industry imaginable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I train my employees if I haven't had an accident?
YES - It's the law. 
In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an agency of the Department of Labor, enforces the laws and regulations ensuring workplace safety.

How does training save me money? 

Take for example a broken control handle due to improper training. This lead to 2 days of down time, 5 guys standing around making $28 dollars and hour. Properly trained employees can make a difference to your bottom line. 

Is there something more proactive that I can do? 

Give us a call and let's talk about OSHA compliance programs
Golden Gate Program
Sharps Program
VVP Star Program
We help you work directly with OSHA

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