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What Triggers An OSHA Inspection?  
According to the OSHA Inspection Fact Sheet  there are 6 main reasons that can trigger an OSHA inspection. As a regulatory agency OSHA oversees  approximately 7 million work sites, and must prioritize it resources to oversee and inspect jobsite or workplace health and safety hazards. OSHA considers the most hazardous workplaces in the following order of priority. 

1. Imminent danger situations - hazards that could cause death or serious physical harm receive top priority. 

2. Severe injuries and illnesses - Employers are required to report any work related fatalities within 8 hours. Employers are required to report any work related hospitalizations, amputations, or losses of an eye within 24 hours

3. Worker Complaints - Any complaints of health and safety violations could lead to an inspection. 

4. Referrals - if there are any other federal, state or local agencies that consider a work or job situation hazardous and report concerns.  

5. Targeted inspections -  If you work in a high-hazard industries or workplaces that have experienced high rates of injuries and illnesses recently. 

6. Follow-up inspections - If during an inspection you have been cited for a violation, OSHA  may follow up and conduct a follow up inspection to insure safety compliance. 

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